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Restaurant is a place where people can have foods of their choices and in return have to pay for it. Different sorts of restaurants fall into a few industry groupings based upon menu style, strategies for preparation and estimating. Also, how the food is served to the client decides the distinction. 

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Normal restaurant

If history is to be taken into consideration, then eatery may be alluded just to places that gave tables where one sat down to eat the supper, normally served by a server. Taking after the ascent of fast food and take-out eateries, a retronym for the more established "standard" eatery was made, semi-formal eatery. 

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Ethnic eateries have practical experience in ethnic or national foods. Some of them are as follows:

Quick casual eateries are fundamentally chain eateries, for example, Chipotle Mexican Barbecue and Panera Bread. A greater amount of the food is readied at the eatery than is the situation at fast food chains. Quick easygoing eateries ordinarily don't offer full table service, yet numerous offer non-dispensable plates and cutlery. The nature of food and costs has a tendency to be higher than those of a customary fast food eatery however may be lower than casual eating. 

Fast food eateries underscore rate of service. Operations range from little scale road sellers with food carts to multi-billion dollar partnerships like McDonald's and Pizza Cottage. Food is requested not from the table, but rather from a front counter (or sometimes, utilizing an electronic terminal). Burger joints ordinarily then delivers their own food from the counter to a table of their choice, and a while later discard any waste from their plate. 

A casual dining eatery is an eatery that serves respectably estimated food in an ambience pretty casual. With the exception of smorgasbord style eateries, casual feasting eateries commonly give table service. Casual feasting involves a business sector fragment between fast food foundations and fine dining eateries. In Italy, such casual eateries are regularly called "trattoria", and are typically freely claimed and worked.

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