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A well known variation of pizza in Italy is Sicilian pizza (even called sfincione), a thick-outside layer or profound dish pizza starting amid the seventeenth century in Sicily: it is basically a focaccia that is commonly finished with tomato sauce and different coverings. Until the 1860s, sfincione was the kind of pizza as a rule expended in Sicily, particularly in the Western part of the island. Different varieties of pizzas are likewise found in different regions of Italy. 

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Some mass-delivered pizzas by fast food chains have been scrutinized as having a horrible parity of fixings. Pizza can be high in salt, fat and vitality of food. The USDA reports a normal content of sodium of 5,101 mg for every 14 in (36 cm) pizza in fast food chains. There are worries about negative health impacts. Natural ways of life have gone under feedback at different times for the high salt content of some of their suppers. 

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Pizza eaters in Italy have been found to have a generally low rate of cardiovascular infection and digestive tract malignancies with respect to rare pizza eaters, in spite of the fact that the way of the relationship in the middle of pizza and such seen advantages is hazy.  

Online delivery of pizzas is very prevalent these days. 

Some trait the clear medical advantages of pizza to the lycopene content in pizza sauce, which research demonstrates likely assumes a part in ensuring against cardiovascular malady and different malignancies. 

Dishes like pizza

The Levantine Manakish is a dish pretty similar to pizza. 

The Macedonian Pastrmajlija is a bread pie produced using batter and meat. It is generally oval-molded with cleaved meat on top of it. 

The Provençal Pissaladière is like an Italian pizza, with a somewhat thicker outside layer and a fixing of cooked onions, anchovies, and olives. 

Pizza bagel is a bagel with fixings like that of customary pizzas 

Pizza bread is a sort of sandwich that is frequently served open-confronted which comprises of bread, pizza or tomato sauce, cheddar and different garnishes. Custom made adaptations may be made.


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