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The Italian restaurant used to offer various north, south, east and West Indian food items including veggie and non-veggie. They are also specialized in offering various pizzas. The following list is an idea about their best pizza: 

The delectable adaptation of pizza, which truly interprets into "meat with batter," is conveyed to you and is made with minced onions, generally ground sheep, cumin and yogurt. 

The pizza Margherita is a little more than exceptionally old and is named after HM Queen Margherita of Italy. It's made utilizing garnishes of tomato, mozzarella cheddar, and new basil, which presented with red, white, and green of the Italian flag. 

Calzone signifies "stocking" in Italian and is a turnover that begins from Italy. Molded like a semicircle, the calzone is made of batter collapsed over and loaded with the typical pizza ingredients. 

Marinara is the best desi pizza Fremont which is your essential level bread with oil, tomato, garlic, and oregano. 

Dissimilar to most pizzas, deep dish is eaten with a knife and fork. 

The Italian restaurant Fremont and the Italian restaurant Union City used to offer the above pizza with best quality. They also offer the following best Indian vegetable food items:

In case of Panir item, Panir butter masala, Matar Panir, Sahi Panir, Kadi Panir, Palak Panir, Chili Panir, Chola Panir etc. are very popular. Their costs are also very reasonable.

Their different delicious Prathas include, plain pratha, alu pratha,cheese chilli pratha, panir pratha, matar pratha etc. 

The different Rotiyans are messi roti, masala kulcha, butter naan etc. which are very tasty and reasonable.  Their different dal related products are very popular like dal makhani, kali dal, dal tarka and yellow dal fry and more. 

Their special menus include, Gatta ki sabji, Mix Vegetables, Chola Masala, Kadhi Pakodi, Veg. kofta, Raita, Matar Pulao, Plain Rice, Jeera Rice, Fried Rice, Mix Veg. Pulao, Veg Biryani etc.

Besides the above food items, the restaurants used to offer various sweets(bafi, basundi, Dhokla, Halwa, Ghari, Ghooghra,Gol papdi, Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, kansar and many more),   non vegetable items like fish, chicken, mutton , sheep, pork Biryanis, different non-veggie dishes like deep fried chicken, Bombil fry (fish preparation), Pongal( rice dish), Chaat (snack item), Chevdo (Mixture prepared with Flattened rice, groundnut, chana, masala), Dahi vada(Fried lentil balls in a yogurt sauce), Pohe ( A Vegetarian Snack) etc. These tasty, delightful and delicious food items are also available by order food online Union City.


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