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The online and physical food item store for different north and south Indian veggie and non-veggie  items are available at your doorstep. Their various support and preparation policy gives the food items delicious, wonderful and great. Taj-E-Chaat Indian restaurant Fremont and Indian restaurant Milpitas offers the foods which are available with different recipes and some of them are discussed below,-

Samosa chaat: It is served with chana, tamarind chutney and yogurt with indian spices.

Vegetable Tikki: The delicious mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables and spices. It is prepared with pan fried

Vegetable Pulao: It is actually cooked with rice in Indian spices.

Panner Pakora:  It is available with Cottage cheese cubes covered in gram flour batter spiced with salt and pepper.

Appetizers: These are available in different items like samosa plate, aloo tikki, bhel puri, papdi chaat, pani puri, mix chaat, sasoma chat, chilli pokora, veggie mix pokora, egg pokora, panner pokra, fish pokkra, chicken pokkra, chilli chicken, chilli paneer, salmon Caesar salad, choley bhature, chicken Caesar salad etc. 

Veggie Curries items: These items include Malai kofta, spicy kofta, Panner makhani, aloo gobi, panner bhurji, paneer tikka masala, daal makhani, saag paneer, bhindi masala, mix veggies, aloo baingain etc. These items are very reasonable and available by online also.

The different combinations of Biryanis are available as per people’s choice. Some of the items are, chicken biryani, goat biryani, veggie biryani, shrimp biryani etc.

Their specialization items for meat curries are, chicken curry, goat curry, chicken tikka masala, saag chicken, butter chicken, kadhai lamb, lamb curry, salmon masala, fish curry, shrimp curry, egg curry, egg bhurji etc. These items are not only delicious but also nutrient. 

Their different cheap and popular wrap items include, lamb boti wrap, paneer tikka masala roll, chicken tikka masala roll, spicy chicken wrap, paneer wrap, veggie wrap, tandoori salmon wrap etc.  The price of these items within $8.

Their various tasty and delightful breads are available with different recipes like  aloo naan, garlic naan, lamb keema naan, chicken pesto naan, butter naan, onion naan, chicken pesto naan, tandoori naan, aloo paratha, plain paratha, mulli paratha, paneer paratha, tandoori roti, tava roti etc.

Besides the above food items, the other beverages are also available from their store. These are salt lassi, mango lassi, tea etc. These items are also very cheap and within $2.50. Customers can order food online Milpitas to take these items at their doorstep with very little delivery charge


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