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The Sitar Express is a very famous Indian restaurant in Mountain View. The restaurant is offering great Indian food to their customers and also tops in the hospitality. The specialty about the restaurant lies in the menu they provide. No other restaurant in California will have such a menu. They have worked a long way on searching some best Indian foods from all over India and have made the menu. Thus they serve recipes, which are not available anywhere in California. The food they prepare will be clean and of high quality. This is a major reason why people visit the restaurant again and again. 

The restaurant has the best and authentic Indian kitchen in it. The food prepared in the restaurant is prepared in a traditional way. The chefs were recruited from India and thus the food prepared will be having the real Indian taste in it. The masalas and other ingredients required for the food are all imported from India and other parts of the world. Thus they make sure in every aspect that the food will be of real Indian taste. Many people in California have become fans for this restaurant services and its food. 

The restaurant has a very calm and peaceful environment and the restaurant people don’t want too many customers at a time to rush in the restaurant. They believe that the calm environment will let the customers have their food in peace. Too much of crowd can always crush peace. Thus they allow limited people at a time in the restaurant. The restaurant people behave with great care to the customers. They treat their customers like kings and serve them to meet all their needs in the restaurant. It is good to know that the cost of food in this restaurant is cheap when compared with other Indian restaurants in California. 

The restaurant is also offering order food online Mountain View service to their customers. Now the customers can enjoy the Indian cuisine San Jose from their home or from any locations by a simple order placed in the restaurant website. The food will be delivered as soon as possible based on your location and distance from the restaurant The restaurant collects no delivery charges from the customers. The food will be served hot and the customers can now enjoy the Indian food at their own places without travelling all the way to the restaurant. 


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