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The rich texture, tempting aroma emanating from the vessel to the perfect blend of all ingredients – Indian dishes are a foodies delight. The array of dishes in all colours and tastes makes the Indian food too hard to resist. And for any Indian settled or travelling abroad they look for food that reminds them of their country.

Like during monsoons there is nothing better than gorging on ginger tea and Samosa or steaming hot pakodas. And those stuffed parathas served with curd can just leave this pleasant smile on the face. It might seem like a farfetched dream for fellow Indian settled in United States. Now it’s not the case as many Indian restaurants have mushroomed in last couple of decades in the Uncle Sam’s country. 

For all those dishes you would be enjoying back home in India can now be relished in US as well. A lot many Indians settled have started Indian restaurants and eateries in main commercial as well on highway. These food joints are frequented by diners looking to sample authentic Indian Cuisine in San Jose.

For events like holding kitty parties, anniversaries, birthdays to celebrating Indian festivals many prefer to go to Indian Restaurant in Mountain View. These food joints now have the facility to entertain small to large groups and guests. They also take catering food for party and get together with trained staff members that handle customers at home too. 

Indian Restaurant in Santa Clara also has the system for ordering food online. It is well-thought about strategy in order to stay in business for a long time.  Even one can order food online Mountain View too.

Updated services from the Indian restaurant now include:

•    Meals  can now be customized where the chef can be requested to prepare specific dish as per the recipe given by the dinner 

•    Special mini meal in keeping with demands of office executive and working professionals to homemakers

•    Other food items like pasta, pizza, sandwich or burgers now included

•    Adopting healthy cooking preparation and ingredients to oils to provide less calorie food without compromising on quality

•    Special arrangement for private dining on request

•    There are takeaway services to Tiffin orders for office goers

All Indian restaurants in US well aware about the competition are continuously innovating in their food menu and customer services. The only thing constant is the authentic Indian taste in all dishes.


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